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Why sociology?

  • Because sociology offers enough precision to help you meet labour market requirements, yet it is extensive so that it will leave a humanistic mind unobstructed. On one extreme you will find statistics, on the other – metaphysics. On one hand: market research, on the other: consciousness and cognition.
  • Because the degree will grant you attractive labour opportunities. Our graduates become successful copywriters, journalists, employees in political, social and economic organizations as well as editors, PR and marketing experts, HR advisers, NGO workers or civic education teachers.
  • Because sociology is a happy medium between philosophy and psychology. And it is more than that! If you are interested in both, do not hesitate. You have just found it.
  • Because sociology will not make you an expert who knows ‘more and more about less and less’ and ends up knowing ‘everything about nothing’.
  • Because sociology will teach you critical thinking and this is what attracts profits.
  • Because instead of participating in surveys, you will be able to create them.
  • Because an IT expert and a biotechnologist know exactly ‘how’. A sociology student also learns ‘why’ and one day may get the chance to decide ‘what for’.
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